Frequently Asked Questions

How can I wash and style my hair?

VBE will provide clients with an easy to follow instructions sheet on how to wash, dry and style your hair. You will also get a list of recommended products to use.

What is the cost?
It varies largely depending on the method used, number of hair strands we add, length, texture, and how detailed is the job. We encourage you to call for a free, no obligation consultation to get your quote.
Are hair extensions healthy for my hair?
Hair extensions will not improve the follicle’s health, but they improve the overall look tremendously! We selected the safest three method in the market, and the damage to your hair can be minimized if the following factors are applied: using the right tools and products, section the hair and applying the extensions correctly, following the natural hair flow, avoid getting too close to scalp, avoid pulling while brushing, and avoid hot tools as much as possible (Ceramic roller set are ideal for styling extensions).
Can I color or highlight my hair?

Yes, you can retouch on regrowth of your hair.  It is preferable to avoid applying color on hair extensions.

What can go wrong with extensions?

Imitation products applied by non-certified stylist may get you a lower price for extensions, but you may also encounter some problems:

A- Non-Remy Hair
- The hair may not be full cuticle hair (Remy hair), because it is less labor intensive to produce non-cuticle hair, thus lower cost, but it mats easily; For more details, read (Remy VS Non-Remy)

B- Inexperienced stylist
- In any field, and even more in extensions business, Knowledge and experience are at most importance; that reflects in the following sections of extensions business:

1) Matching the color, which most likely requires coloring your hair and even it out to blend with the desired color of extensions. In most cases, it is required to create a blend of colors to create an image that can be “natural looking” not only when the extensions are applied, but also till you are ready for maintenance a couple of months later.

matching color

Example of color correction: this hair had yellow ashy tone; it needed color removing and tone down to beige blonde.
2) Matching the texture in the first place is crucial; getting the right texture will blend your hair with extensions, and make your hair easy to wear and low maintenance. If the texture is different, you will need to spend more time styling your hair.

3) The extensions must be placed in a way to follow the hair stream (or hair flow), every person has his/her pattern. When this point is not considered, your hair will be under uneven strain at the bead section, causing more shedding at one side of the bead.

Other common mistakes are: when extensions are placed too high or too close to hairline; also if they are applied too close to the scalp, this causes the strands to stick out and causes tension on follicle, thus more shedding. (See the example below):

The work on this client contradicts basic principles of applying for extensions; the beads are too big, too high, and their colors are not matching the client’s base color. In addition, the direction in which the extensions are applied does not follow the natural hair stream.

Same extensions after correction.
4) Cutting hair extensions right is what makes the whole image; there is nothing more unnatural than blunt cutting the strands. Hair strands are lighter and thinner at ends than at scalp, this fact should be respected in color and cut.

A gap is noticeable in layering pattern with colors hard to blend.

The same client with a balanced cut and blended colors. Plenty of smaller beads are used at temples and crown to blend the cut.

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