Remy Hair Vs. Non Remy

The outer layer of hair shaft is called (cuticle), it protects the inner parts from elements, smooths the hair, and gives it shine and resilience. Hair cuticle looks like fish scales (see pic below), they flow in one direction, so when the cuticle is intact and closed, the hair feels smooth and soft.

Remy hair is a full-cuticle hair; all its cuticle layers are kept intact. The hair has been cut and roots aligned and bound together, so all the hair strands will have same direction of cuticle flow.

Non –Remy hair (or Non-cuticle hair) is the hair has it’s cuticle removed through a process called ”Hydrochloric Acid Bath”;this process is harsh on hair and causes significant damage to the integrity of hair; therefore, the hair normally is finished with a silicone coat to give it shine.

The purpose of doing all that is to cut the labor, because when the cuticle is removed, it becomes possible to bond the hair together in either direction; while in Remy hair situation, all the hair strands have to be in same direction (as naturally), otherwise the strands will tangle together.

Non-cuticle hair can’t be reused; therefore, it is common to be used in bonding methods which require getting new hair every 2-3 months.