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Services - Extension Methods

Vegas Best Extensions uses 5 methods of hair extensions: Beads, Polymer Bonding, Tape, Shrink Links, and Volume+. 

Several essential factors are considered before working on your hair such as: your natural hair flow (hair stream) to prevent any discomfort or damage, your natural hair color, texture, and your skin tone in order to create a natural looking hair, the way it feels, flows, styles, and blends.

Here is a description of each method:

Beads (mini color coated cylinders), extensions hair is bonded into individual I-tip shape and linked to your hair with the bead which can be silicon lined in order to reduce the friction with your hair when clamped (thus safer) and also it results in a better grip. Several manufacturers use this method, like:

Eurolocs, Microlinks, Hairlocs, and others; the hair is premium quality human hair.

This method is probably the safest on the hair since there is no bonding involved, and the extensions can be reused multiple times; maintenance is needed between 6-8 weeks; Maintenance is simple and safe, we simply open the beads with a special tool, detangle, remove the naturally shed hair, move up the extension strand and close (or replace) the bead again.

Remember to avoid using serum or heavy conditioners on the scalp while you are wearing these extensions, which will cause slippage. By using individual strands, you can get the most natural flowing, looking and blending hair; furthermore, beads are made in different sizes, so we can use smaller one on front hairline and the top layer, making them less visible and noticeable. This method is ideal for fine hair, damaged hair, or short hair because we can apply for the hair extensions on hair as short as one inch.

We carry 2 categories of Bead Hair Extensions: 5 Stars, and 7 Stars, each individual strand can be custom ordered to your desired color combinations and natural texture.


Typical 7-stars Beads Extensions with different NATURAL wave degrees (never permed):


Polymer bonding method, this is another individual I-tip method, unlike the Keratin bonding (which contains some glue in it), this bonding consists of Polymer Crystals that can be removed with its special solvent. HAIRDREAMS is the only manufacturer for this type of bonding, and they carry two grades of hair extensions:

5 stars: Premium quality human hair, it is gently pre-lightened and toned in order to achieve the desired color, recommended usage for 3-4 months.

7 stars: Superb quality remy human hair, European sources, never lightened (bleached), only toned 1 shade if needed. It requires maintenance every 3-4 months, to be used up to 18 months with re-bonding; Extensions are guaranteed if recommended products are used and proper maintenance is done by certified stylists.

We use Nano Laserbeamer machine to apply the extensions, fast, secure, and they lay flat.

Mini-maintenance is needed on monthly bases (this service is free of charge), and includes removing naturally shed hair in between the bonds.


Easy, fast, and affordable hair extensions, using premium BABE extensions. Tape extensions are safer than Bond extensions, and are ideal for the first timers, on budget, or low maintenance clients.  The reason that we can reuse BABE extensions multiple times more than other brands is because of the more durable tabs that allow removing the inserted sticker without damaging it; In addition, the tabs will not thicken since we are not adding an additional sticker every-time.  BABE extensions have proven to be less susceptible to color change compared to other brands. 

The application consists of two self-adhesive panels of extensions pressed together sealing a thin section of your hair in between; this is a cold Fusion and not heat-activated as used to be, tape extensions lay flat, you will hardly feel them, they can be easily removed by its special solvent.

Avoid washing the hair for 2 days after application. Maintenance is needed every 6-8 weeks, and the hair can be reused for 4-6 times.

Invisible clear plastic tubes attach the tipped extensions to your hair, very light and clean feeling.

The Shrink Link tubes are lined with Keratin bond, which can be activated by using a thermal tool, and they bond once they cool off. Similarly, take down is easy by applying heat to the tubes, followed by removing any residue using a special solvent.

Shrink Links are more secure than beads, and they don’t slip; however, beads are installed and removed faster.


Hair thickening system, highly effective method for clients lacking hair fullness on top. This is a Hairdreams invention for clients with severe hair loss or even partial baldness, it integrates your own hair with the new hair system undetectably. It requires more frequent maintenance visits, and at home care and style, see the photo below for a VBE model: