Services Prices

Women's Hair Cut

$50, $60, $80

Blow Dry

$30, $40, $60(W/Extensions)


$100 (Partial) | $125 (Medium) | $150+(Full)


$120 to $160+


Per Consultation

Color Correction

Per Consultation

Vegas Best Extensions
My Salon Suite
9850 S Maryland Pkwy
Suite 14, #505
Las Vegas NV 89183

Best extensions and color EVER!! – I live in Detroit, MI and I fly out to Vegas just to have my hair done by Paul...."

Services - Extension Methods

Vegas Best Extensions uses 5 methods of hair extensions: Beads, Polymer Bonding, Tape, Shrink Links, and Volume+. 

Several essential factors are considered before working on your hair such as: your natural hair flow (hair stream) to prevent any discomfort or damage, your natural hair color, texture, and your skin tone in order to create a natural looking hair, the way it feels, flows, styles, and blends.

Here is a description of each method: